Bloggers supporting Blogger – Who wants to ?

Bloggers supporting Blogger

Since our world is fueled by social media and we all are a little bit more under pressure, it is more important than ever to be kind and help each other. We all share the same hobby, we love to write articles, take pictures and share moments of our lifes with people around the world. We are all Bloggers. It does not matter if you have 10 Followers, 10 000 or even more, it says nothing about one. So why don’t we just support each other ?!


If you are a blogger you can not deny, that you’ve compared yourself to others before. To other bloggers, instagramers or what ever.. And maybe you felt bad after doing this. So this is what we need to change. Every person in this world is different, of course some people share the same hobbys or are interested in the same things, but in fact everyone is individual, everyone likes different things. So don’t try to be like the others because there are people out there who might like to be like you.

I think it would be lovely to find a few bloggers around the world, to cooperate with. So if YOU are interested, leave a comment or use Instagram Direct to contact me and we will find out a way to push each other, so that everyone around the world has a bigger chance to find our lovely blogs.  I am thinking about Shoutouts at Instagram and the blog, maybe doing blogposts together or whatever. It is time to make new friends and I would love to make new friends around the world.

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