Outfit of the day – Denim Jacket

Last week I went shopping with my friend. I was looking for a oversized denim jacket. We went to several thriftshops and checked out the small stores in our neighborhood, but I did not find anything. I felt kinda sad beacause I was looking for a jacket which goes with eveything and is easy to throw on an outfit. So we went to the last store, a big boutique bith different brands and clothing items. I was checking out the sale items and then I saw this denim jacket. I am so in love with it, I feel like it looks dope. The denim has the perfect color and washing, I really love the read embroidery and all of those small details. The denim jacket has some fake fur inside which is quite cozy but a little bit to hot for the summer time. I got it from the brand review and it was only 40 Euro, which seems to be quite a good deal to me. Let me know what you think about my denim jacket.

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Bloggers supporting Blogger – Who wants to ?

Bloggers supporting Blogger

Since our world is fueled by social media and we all are a little bit more under pressure, it is more important than ever to be kind and help each other. We all share the same hobby, we love to write articles, take pictures and share moments of our lifes with people around the world. We are all Bloggers. It does not matter if you have 10 Followers, 10 000 or even more, it says nothing about one. So why don’t we just support each other ?!

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Make Up Favoriten 2016 – What I wore on my Face

Heute zeige ich euch die Beauty Produkte, welche ich im Jahr 2016 so gut wie jeden Tag verwendet habe. Meine Make Up Favoriten. Wenn ich mich morgens für die Uni fertig mache trage ich in der Regel keine Foundation. Tatsächlich hab ich mir 2016 noch nicht einmal eine gekauft, ich habe also ein komplettes Jahr lang auf Foundation verzichtet. Anfangs war es etwas hart aber mittlerweile ist mein Hautbild recht ebenmäßig, sodass ein leicht deckender Concealer und etwas Puder alle Unreinheiten gut kaschieren können.

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