DIY – Pinterest inspired shelf – Only 5$

I am a huge fan of Pinterest. I love checking new pins and I like recreating all those fun DIY’s. Yesterday I started making a new shelf for my desk area and I think it turned out quite nice. If you would like to know, how to build this super cute pinterest inspired shelf on a budget, keep on reading. I only paid 5 Euros and it took me only 30 Minutes to do it. I feel like this shelf is super cute and I am loving it.

Things you will need:

Wood (as long as you want your shelf to be)

3 Meters of cord

cordless screwdriver and screw


Let’s get it started

The first thing you will need to do is take your piece of wood and rub it down with your sandpaper. This helps to make your shelf look more clean and it makes it feel so much nicer. When you think your done, you need to continue with the cordless screwdriver. If you have never used one before ask your mom, dad or boyfriend for help. Now you need to pierce four holes through every corner of your wood shelf. Now ot is time to take the cord, make sure everything is even and knot it up. Now you can start to dress your shelf up. You probably could take some cacti and it would immediately look bomb.

10 thoughts on “DIY – Pinterest inspired shelf – Only 5$

  1. Wow, sieht echt toll aus. Pinterest liefert echt lässige Ideen. Das wäre auch etwas für meinen Garten. Da kann man wunderbar Kräuter platzieren 🙂 Dank dir für die Anregung!
    LG Natascha

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