MacBook Pro – Worth the hype ?


I recently bought a MacbookPro and it was hella expensive. I’ve worked so hart for my money the last couple months and then I decided to spent it on a notebook?! Really Katharina, are you kidding? No, I am not. I really loved my old laptop, it still works pretty good but it was just too big and to heavy for university stuff and going home by train. It took me quite a while to decide what I want. At first I was thinking about an Asus Zenbook but as all of us can see, I got a MacBook Pro.

Macbook Pro worth the hype? Apple

In Love

There is one thing I can tell you guys. If you are searching for a new laptop and you want to go for a Mac, just do it. Safe your money and go for it. I am incredibly happy. I am loving the design of the Mac, it is super minimalistic and pretty. The Mac is as light as a feather and super small. I do know, that I could have get something technically better than a MacBook Pro for the same money. But the user interface of the Mac makes it hard to think about other Laptops. I think I found the right thing for me and my interests.

MacBook Pro worth the hype? Apple product

MacBook in a box

I think I am loving it so far, because it has some crazy good options for creative people. If you are asking me (someone who is not really technophilic). The Macbook makes it easy to do whatever I want. And the sound is awesome as well.

I am not going to tell you anything about the technical stuff, just because I have no idea about it. But if you would like to read something more tech related about the Macbook or anything else, let me know in the comments and I will ask my boyfriend if he would like to write a blogpost with me about it, just because he is a little Nerd.

Student deals and Beats by Dr. Dre

What was nice as well is the current deal apple has. If you are a student you can get 10% off of your order and you will get some beats wireless with it for free. I have never been a huge fan ob big headphone but they do come in handy. I’ve been using them quite a bit, even though I would have never ever payed almost 300 Euros for them. All in all, I think I made a good deal and I am really happy about the Mac. Except for one thing the Macbook only has two thunderbolt connections and not even one usb slot or a slot for an sd card. This is kinda sad, but I will just go to the store and get an adapter…

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10 thoughts on “MacBook Pro – Worth the hype ?

  1. Congratiolations to your new Mac Book. I would like to have one too, but decided to buy an ASUS. I am a little bit disappointed from the ASUS, but it was cheaper.
    Best regards,
    Anja von

  2. Ich bin ehrlich gesagt kein Fan von den ganzen Apple Produkten, weil man meiner Meinung nach viel bessere Produkte für viel weniger Geld von anderen Anbietern bekommen kann. Gerade was Laptops angeht sind die Produkte von Lenovo einfach leistungseffizienter.
    Und auch bei Handys hat Samsung meiner Meinung nach die Nase vorn, da der Akku sich austauschen lässt und auch die Bildqualität der Kamera deutlich besser ist.
    Vor ein paar Jahren war Apple echt ein Vorreiter und hat die ganze Branche revolutioniert, aber mittlerweile werden sie echt von anderen Marken überholt.
    Trotzdem finde ich es schön, dass du mit deinem neuen Laptop glücklich bist! Und das ist ja immerhin auch das wichtigste 🙂

    Liebe Grüße Bea

  3. Die Kopfhörer liebe ich, die finde ich richtig klasse. Das Design des Apple Laptops ist zwar schön, aber ich kann mit Apple immer nie so richtig viel anfangen. Aber ich finde es schön, wenn er dir gefällt. Alles Liebe Marie

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