Spring outfit inspiration – What I wore

Spring Love

Recently I am totally in love with colors like pink, blue and red. I used to wear only black and white, but now it feels like spring is finally here, with all its beauty and blossom. This makes me feel super awesome. Everything gets easier. Getting up early in the morning to go to university feels so simple, if it’s spring. Whenever my alarm clock goes on the sun is rising or already up. Most of the time the birds are chirping and all the bumble bees are ready to take off and find the perfect flower.

The only exception

Today was the only exception. I woke up by 9 in the morning and everything seemed to be normal until I opened up the blinds. There was no sun, everything was dark and cloudy and it was raining. I felt a little bit sad because my boyfriend and I wanted to shoot some pictures. We started the day quite slow with soy coffee and breakfast in bed. At twelve o’clock we went to a school in our neighbourhood to partcipate at the german regional election and to take our voice.

What I wore

I decided to put on a comfy but cute outfit. I went for my blue bikerjacket by Zara and paired it with this plaid skirt from pimkie. My favourite espadrillas by Mark Adam (which are currently on sale, so go and get them) put the outfit together. It was not really sunny but we went to the forest so I had to wear my sunnys to avoid getting pollen in my face.

Shop this Outfit

Mark Adam Espadrillas in silver: here

Zara Bikerjacket in blue: here

Zara Bikerjacket in beige: here


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16 thoughts on “Spring outfit inspiration – What I wore

  1. Die Jacke ist wirklich toll. Dein Outfit steht dir einfach super
    Vielleicht magst du ja bei meinem Contest mit machen.
    Schicke mir einfach einen Link mit deinem Frühjahrslook zu.
    Im Juni zeige ich die besten Einsendungen auf meinem Blog
    Liebe Grüße Michelle von beautifulfairy

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