Outfit of the day – Denim Jacket

Last week I went shopping with my friend. I was looking for a oversized denim jacket. We went to several thriftshops and checked out the small stores in our neighborhood, but I did not find anything. I felt kinda sad beacause I was looking for a jacket which goes with eveything and is easy to throw on an outfit. So we went to the last store, a big boutique bith different brands and clothing items. I was checking out the sale items and then I saw this denim jacket. I am so in love with it, I feel like it looks dope. The denim has the perfect color and washing, I really love the read embroidery and all of those small details. The denim jacket has some fake fur inside which is quite cozy but a little bit to hot for the summer time. I got it from the brand review and it was only 40 Euro, which seems to be quite a good deal to me. Let me know what you think about my denim jacket.

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